Xiao Long

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Xiao Long
Mana cost: 3
Rarity: Legendary
Type: Flying Minion
Description: Every time an opponent casts a spell, Xiao Long gains Rage,Frenzy and Shield

Rage: +50% damage

Frenzy: +50% Movespeed +50% Attack speed

Shield: Blocks all damage from the next damage source

Count: {{{count}}}
Targets: Ground & Air
Health: 80
Attack speed: 1.3 Sec.
Damage: 25 (DPS: 19.3)
World damage: {{{worlddamage}}}
Range: 8
Radius: {{{radius}}}
Movement speed: 7
Production Speed: {{{productionspeed}}}
Healing per second: {{{healingpersecond}}}
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Xiao Long is one of the Minion cards in Minion Masters.


Rage and Frenzy are permanent and don't stack if applied multiple times, as in any other case.

If the Shield is depleted it can be reapplied if the enemy casts a spell again.


  • Xiao Long was added in Update 15 - Happy Lunar New Year! (26 Jan, 2017)
  • Xiao Long's initial ability was: Punishes opponents whenever they cast spells, dealing damage to them.
  • In Update 33 - The ssstrongest snake (21 Jun, 2017) Xiao Long's Spell Punish damage was increasing from 150 to 250
  • In Update 58 - Frisky Friend Fiesta! (7 Feb, 2018) Xiao Long was reworked:
    • No longer deals damage to the enemy Master when they cast a spell.
    • Now when an enemy Master casts a spell Xiao Long gains Rage, Frenzy and Shield.
      • Rage and frenzy are permanent , as always.
      • Shield can be reapplied if spent and the opponent plays another Spell.
    • Damage increased from 20 to 25
    • Health increased from 75 to 80
    • Attack speed increased from 1.2s to 1.3s
  • In Update 76 - Avatars and much more! (12 Sep, 2018) the speed of Xiao Long was increased from 4 to 7.