Shield Totem

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Shield Totem
Mana cost: 0
Rarity: Perk
Faction: Slither
Type: Building
Description: Summon a Shield Totem that makes the Master's Tower immune to damage as long as its alive.
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Health: 200
Attack speed: {{{attackspeed}}} sec
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Duration: 10 sec

Shield Totem is a perk for Apep. It is only available to Apep.

Has Placement Aura - a mechanic that limits the placement of the building too close to the edges of the arena. This is done to prevent the building from being placed in a safe spot behind the master tower, thus making it untouchable by minions attacking regularly.


The card is added to Apep's deck automatically during a match after reaching level 2, as the next available card.

Shield Totem does not protect from health loss caused by Blood Imps

Shield Totem does not provide immunity while stunned.


  • In Update 1.8 - Frostival 2019(18 Dec, 2019) Shield Totem received placement aura.