Settsu (Minion)

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Settsu is a minion from Settsu's card Blast Entry that added from her perk Blast Entry. It is only available to Settsu.


Minion version of Settsu is summoned after she casts Blast Entry spell card from her level 1 perk.

  • Health: 300
  • Damage: 40
  • DPS: 40(without reload), 20(with reload)

After 5 shots she has to reload for 5 seconds.

Settsu's Combat Reload and High Powered Laser perks also affects minion version of her.

If Ghost takes over minion version of Settsu then she is not taken over, but is stunned instead.

If Hypnotize is used on minion version of Settsu, she is stunned instead of joining the other side.

Each Settsu master can have only 1 version of Settsu on the field (either master or minion)