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Settsu is one of the Masters in Minion Masters. This master is unlocked with 1000 Shards or 525 Rubies.


Settsu used to be a soldier. She's been deployed in many campaigns during her years and been through countless battles. Eventually she got tired of all the rules *******t and went "on her own ****ing plan". How exactly she acquired the mech suit is unknown, but it's cutting edge prototype technology. She joined the games because she likes a good scrap, and the prize at the end will let her finally fulfill her personal objective..


Settsu is a bad-ass ex-soldier that never plays by the rules. She can enter the Arena herself to annihilate enemies with superior firepower.


Basic Attack[edit]

  • Settsu fires her range 10 Pulse Rifle once per second for 40 damage. After 5 shots she has to reload for 5 seconds. (DPS: 20 with reload, 40 without reload)


Settsu BlastEntry.jpg Blast Entry (Unlocks at 20 XP)

  • Add the card Blast Entry to Settsu's deck.
    • Settsu enters the battlefield dealing 50 damage on impact and gaining a 300 health shield.

Settsu CombatReload.jpg Combat Reload (Unlocks at 60 XP)

  • When Settsu casts a Spell, she instantly reloads her gun

Settsu HighPoweredLaser.jpg High Powered Laser (Unlocks at 120 XP)

  • Settsu's first shot after a reload deals double damage, pierces enemies and stuns them for 3 seconds


  • Settsu was released in Update 12 - Blast Entry (5 Jan, 2017)
  • In Update 13 - Scratty Tech (13 Jan, 2017) Settsu received the following changes
    • Basic Attack:
      • Damage reduced from 50 to 40
    • First perk (Blast Entry):
      • Damage reduced from 100 to 50
      • Cast delay increased from 2s to 3.5s