Scott The Sensitive Savage

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Scott The Sensitive Savage
Mana cost: 5
Rarity: Legendary
Faction: Empyrean
Type: Minion
Description: When Scott drops below half health, he will sit down and Cry for 5 seconds.
Create an annoying sound that taunts all nearby enemy units.
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Targets: Ground
Health: 600
Attack speed: 0.7 Sec.
Damage: 65 (DPS: 92.8)
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Range: Melee
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Movement speed: 6
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Scott The Sensitive Savage is one of the Minion cards in Minion Masters.


Whenever Scott is reduced at or below 50% health he will start crying, this means that he can cry multiple times if he is healed.


When crying, he will taunt all units within 8 range of himself.

A taunted unit is forced to target Scott, and will re-target in order to do so.

Stun effects will disable Taunt for the duration of the stun, however units already targeting him will keep doing so unless something forces them to do otherwise (e.g. Cannon Roller roll-back effect).

Like a building[edit]

Units that usually only target buildings will be taunted by him when he cries and may then attack and damage him.  


  • Scott The Sensitive Savage was available trough an event since Update 46 - The Search For The Sensitive Savage (4 Oct, 2017) and was officially released in Update 48 - When all you have is a hammer.. (18 Oct, 2017)
  • In Update 52 - Stay Healthy (15 Nov, 2017) the health of Scott The Sensitive Savage was increased from 450 to 550
  • In Update 69 - Summer Rapids (20 Jun, 2018) the health of Scott The Sensitive Savage was further increased from 550 to 600
  • In Update 70 - Burning Spirits (27 Jun, 2018) the attack speed of Scott The Sensitive Savage was reduced from 0.9 to 0.7 (DPS from ~83 to ~107)
  • In Update 76 - Avatars and much more! (12 Sep, 2018) the damage of Scott The Sensitive Savage was reduced from 75 to 65 (DPS from ~107 to ~92)