Rabid Prowler

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Rabid Prowler
Mana cost: 6
Rarity: Rare
Faction: Slither
Type: Minion
Description: Sacrifice (1): Gain Rage

Call Slitherbound

Sacrifice: kill all required Slitherbound you command.

Rage: +50% Attack damage

Call Slitherbound : Add a Slitherbound Minion to a Slither card in your hand. Summon all Slitherbound when you play that card (Max 3).

Flavor text: {{{flavortext}}}
Count: 1
Targets: Ground
Health: 310
Attack speed: 1.5 sec
Damage: 85 (DPS: 56.67)
World damage: {{{worlddamage}}}
Master damage: {{{masterdamage}}}
Range: 0.4 (Melee)
AOE Radius: {{{radius}}}
Movement speed: 7
Production Speed: {{{productionspeed}}}
Healing per second: {{{healingpersecond}}}
Healing amount: {{{heal}}}
Duration: {{{duration}}} sec
Cast delay: {{{castdelay}}} sec

Rabid Prowler is one of the Minion cards in Minion Masters.

For more information regarding the mechanics of this minion, please visit Prowler, as that is the minion this one is based on.


Can not be obtained trough random effects such as Draft, Future Present or Future Past.


  • Rabid Prowler was added in Update 74 - Season of Raging Heat (15 Aug, 2018) as a season card as part of the Season of Raging Heat, with the initial ability: Gain Frenzy if a friendly minion has Rage.
  • In Update 78 - Guardians of the Crystal Spire (9 Oct, 2018), Rabid Prowler was changed to also start with Rage besides the Frenzy if you control another minion with Rage.
  • In Update 80 (24 Oct, 2018) Rabid Prowler was changed to no longer gain Frenzy if you control another minion with Rage.
  • In Update 1.4 - Sand Wars Expansion! (15 Aug, 2019) Rabid Prowler was reworked:
    • Now has the new Sacrifice keyword, which kills all friendly Slitherbound, and gains Rage if at least 1 was killed.
    • Now also has Call Slitherbound.
  • In Update 1.17 - Dawn Marshall Valorian (24 Sep, 2020) Sacrfice was changed to only sacrifice the necessary amount of Slitherbound.