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Queue Master can be fought by players searching for match in online play. There are two instances where a fight against queue master is offered:

  • When player spends more than one minute in the queue
  • When the Estimated wait time in the Matchmaking exceeds one minute.

Queue Master is able to use any Master and any Card in the game. The decks he is using are pre-build, but their number is currently unknown.


The first 10 wins in a day are rewarded as follows:


Queue master doesn't follow the same rules the players have to, it can do actions that would be considered as cheating. The main aspect is using cards it doesn't have sufficient mana for. The logic behind the queue master is always the same and also identical to the expert AI in Solo mode. Additional wins in a single day give the queue master additional advantages, after reaching 10 wins in a day, the queue master becomes more difficult to beat then the expert AI.


  • When a player enters a match with a Queue Master, it is possible to cancel the Matchmaking process. This will not cancel the current fight. If the Matchmaking is not cancelled, the match will end when and online opponent is found.
  • The Premium bonuses do not increase the gold or experience gained from beating the Queue Master.
  • After the first 10 wins, no subsequent rewards are granted until the next day, when the win counter resets.