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Matchmaking is a game mechanic that connects players or teams of players of similar level in a multiplayer match.

In Minion Masters, matchmaking is used for Online play mode that matches two players in a 1 vs. 1 fight.

Once the matchmaking in Minion Masters is initiated, the search process goes as follows:

  • Searching for the player of the same rank that has also initiated the matchmaking process
  • If a player that is eligible enters the matchmaking, check if he was one of the last opponents, if so, only accept if the matchmaking has been running for at least a minute.
  • Widen the search by also looking for players one rank higher or lower than the previous range
  • When the range of 20 ranks higher of lower is reached, stop widening the search criteria
  • If the estimated wait time or the current wait time exceeds one minute, offer the fight with Queue Master

When a matchmaking process completes a new online match is started. The player can cancel the process at any time.


  • This process is likely to change with respect to the size of the playerbase.
  • It is possible to be matched against a player that was faced recently in less than a minute, this means the other player was the first to join initiate matchmaking.