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Mana Cost: 4
Rarity: Legendary
Type: Flying Minion
Description: Possesses an enemy, turning it to your side. The enemy becomes Cursed

3% of health lost every second

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Targets: Ground & Air
Health: 100
Attack Speed: 4 Sec.
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Range: Melee
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Speed: 5
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Ghost is one of the Minion cards in Minion Masters.


It channels for 4 sec., then takes over the unit and gives it Curse.

  • Curse is a debuff that deals 3% of the units health in damage every second.

Ghost can also take over buildings.

Notable Interations[edit]

If ghost takes over the Master's tower, the master is not taken over, instead they are stunned for 5 sec.

  • Settsu can still jump if stunned

If Ghost takes over Settsu when she is on the field (after jumping) then she is not taken over, but is stunned instead.

If Ghost steals control of a Re-boomer then after it hatches or explodes the curse debuff is gone and it becomes like a normal Re-boomer for its new master.


  • In Update 10 - Friendly Battles (15 Dec, 2016) Ghost was reworked:
    • Curse debuff was added to possessed enemy (previously the possessed enemy simply turned into a friendly). Curse dealt 4% of max health as damage per second.
  • In Update 12 - Blast Entry (5 Jan, 2017) Ghost received the following changes:
    • When possessing masters, he now stuns them for 5 seconds.
    • Possess cast time increased from 3s to 4s.
    • Possess now interrupt minions attacks when they switch sides.
  • In Update 57 - The next step (24 Jan, 2018) The Curse health lost per second was reduced from 4% of max health to 3%, also affecting the Ghost.
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