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Daily Challenges

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Daily Challenges are a gameplay feature in Minion Masters. Daily Challenges are only completable in Online Matches or matches with the Queue Master.

List of Daily challenges[edit]

Name Description Awards
Power Hungry Reach level 3 in a game. 1000 gold
Rusher Win a game in less than 3 minutes. 1000 gold
Spell Master Play 0/20 spell cards. 1200 gold
Big 'uns' (formerly Stomper) Play 0/20 cards costing 5 or more mana (formerly Win 0/3 games only using cards costing 3 or more mana.) 1200 gold
Architect Play 0/20 building cards. 1400 gold
Fun Friendly Fight For Fortune Play a Friendly Fight with a Friendly Steam Friend.
(given daily along with another challenge during the Fristky Friend Fiesta event)
1400 gold
Curious Win 0/5 games with free rotation Masters. 1600 gold
Jack of All Trades Win games with 0/3 different Masters. 1600 gold
Victor Win 0/10 games. 2400 gold


  • It is possible to have as many as 3 challenges active at the same time.
  • It is not possible to have two or more of the same challenge active at the same time.

A Level-Up Reward awarded for reaching level 10.