Chain Lightning

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Chain Lightning
Mana cost: 4
Rarity: Common
Type: Spell
Description: Fires a ball of lightning at target location before bouncing to the nearest enemies, damaging them and stunning them for 0.5 seconds, until there are none within range.
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Damage: 100
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Radius: 8
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Duration: 0.5 sec


Chain Lightning is one of the Spell Cards in Minion Masters.


  • Always starts from the center of the range indicator circle
  • Continues jumping to the nearest unit within 8 units of distance of where it last hit (as long as there is one).
  • Hits each unit only once.
  • There is a 275 ms delay between each bounce.
  • Also hits invisible targets.


  • Chain Lightning was added to the game in Update 14- Wild Cards! (19 Jan, 2017)
  • In Update 14 - Happy Lunar New Year! (26 Jan, 2017) the bounce delay of the Chain Lightning was reduced from 352 ms to 275 ms.
  • In Update 17 - Draft in the house! (17 Feb, 2017) Chain Lightning was changed to no longer hit invisible minions.
  • In Update 19 - Achievement unlocked! (8 Mar, 2017) the last change was revert and Chain Lightning could hit invisible minions again.
  • In Update 25 - Death from above (19 Apr, 2017) Chain Lightning cast delay was increased from instant to 2s.
  • In Update 76 - Avatars and much more! (12 Sep, 2018) Chain Lightning was changed to also stun its targets for 0.5s.