Call To Arms

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Call To Arms
Mana cost: 2
Rarity: Supreme
Type: Spell
Description: Replace each of your Buildings with a Warrior.
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Call To Arms is one of the Spell cards in Minion Masters.


There's a 2 seconds delay. Any buildings destroyed during the delay will not be replaced by Call To Arms.

Can not be obtained trough random effects such as Draft, Apep's perks, Future Present or Future Past.


  • Call To Arms initially had the following ability: Summon a Warrior for each building you have on the field (including the master tower) and it used to cost 6 mana.
  • In Update 0.4.0 (23 Nov, 2016) a bug was fixed to not allow Call To Arms to be played on the opponent side of the field.
  • In Update 28 - Answer the Call (10 May, 2017) Call To Arms was reworked:
    • Mana cost down from 6 to 3
    • Now replaces all of your building with a Warrior
    • This means it destroys all of your buildings and spawns warriors instead, and no longer counts the master tower.
  • In Update 40 - When things change.. (9 Aug, 2017) Mana cost of Call To Arms was reduced from 3 to 2.