Burn The Bridges

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Burn The Bridges
Mana cost: 0
Rarity: Perk
Faction: Empyrean
Type: Spell
Description: Both bridges get covered in flames, dealing 40 damage per sec to unfortunate ground enemies. Lasts 5 sec.
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Duration: 5 Sec.

Burn The Bridges is a perk for Volco. It is only available to Volco.


The card is added to Volco's deck automatically during a match after reaching perk 2, as the next available card.

Deals 8 damage every 0.2s for 5 seconds (total 200 damage).


  • In Update 13 Scratty Tech (13 Jan, 2017) damage per second of Burn The Bridges was increased from 20 per second to 40 per second (total damage from 100 to 200)
  • In Update 17 - Draft in the house (17 Feb, 2017) Burn The bridges was changed so it no longer hits flying minions.
  • In Update 70 - Burning Spirits (27 Jun, 2018) Burn the Bridges received the following changes:
    • Damage reduced from 40 to 8
    • Tick rate reduced from 1s to 0.2s
    • Total duration or damage unchanged