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Mana cost: 5
Rarity: Supreme
Faction: Accursed
Type: Minion
Description: Spectral Essence

When attacking an enemy that dies, perform Soul Detonate.

Spectral Essence: Collect 1 Spectral Essence on death. Collect 15 Spectral Essence to gain Accursed Ascension

Soul Detonate: Detonate the Minion's soul and deal damage to nearby enemies.

Flavor text: A real party killer!
Count: {{{count}}}
Targets: Ground & Air
Health: 200
Attack speed: 0.3 sec
Damage: 4 (DPS: 13.33)
World damage: {{{worlddamage}}}
Master damage: {{{masterdamage}}}
Range: 10 (Ranged)
AOE Radius: 10
Movement speed: 5
Production Speed: {{{productionspeed}}}
Healing per second: {{{healingpersecond}}}
Healing amount: {{{heal}}}
Duration: {{{duration}}} sec
Cast delay: {{{castdelay}}} sec

Blastmancer is one of the Minion cards in Minion Masters.

Soul Detonate:

  • Damage: 20
  • Radius: 10


  • In Update 10 - Friendly Battles (15 Dec, 2016) Blastmancer received the following changes:
    • Damage increased from 1 to 5
    • Attack speed changed from 0.3s to 0.8s
  • In Update 11 - Spirit of the holidays (22 Dec, 2016) Blastmancer was recolored from green to purple.
  • In Update 31 - Best of Brawny (31 May, 2017) Blasmancer's damage was increased from 5 to 10.
  • In Update 70 - Burning Spirits (27 Jun, 2018) Blastmancer received the following changes:
    • Attack speed reduced from 0.8s to 0.3s
    • Damage down from 10 to 4 (DPS increased from 12.5 to 13.33)
  • In Update 1.11 (26 Mar, 2020) Blastmancer received the following changes:
    • Mana cost reduced from 5 to 4
    • Explosion radius reduced from global to 10.