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Mana cost: 4
Rarity: Rare
Faction: Voidborne
Type: Minion
Description: The Assassin stays invisible while not attacking or taking damage. Deals triple damage when he attacks from invisibility.
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Targets: Ground
Health: 130
Attack speed: 1 Sec.
Damage: 70 (DPS: 70)
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Range: Melee
Radius: {{{radius}}}
Movement speed: 5
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Healing per second: {{{healingpersecond}}}
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Assassin is one of the Minion cards in Minion Masters.


Assassin's mechanics[edit]

Assassin deals triple (210) damage with attacks from Stealth.

Stealths instantly on spawn.
Stealths instantly after exiting Black Hole.
Re-Stealths after a delay. Stealth delay timer is reset each time it attacks, is attacked or is stunned.

General stealth mechanics[edit]

When stealthed, other minions and masters ignore this minion and the opponent can't see it.

Stealthed units are revealed if they attack or take damage or are stunned.
Stealthed units can still be targeted by random effects like Spirit Infusion, Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning.


  • In Update 44 - Double Dragon (13 Sep, 2017) Assassin's damage was increased from 50 to 60. (Stealth attack damage increased from 150 to 180)
  • In Update 76 - Avatars and much more! (12 Sep, 2018) Assasin's damage was increased from 60 to 70.(Stealth attack damage increased from 180 to 210)