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Mana Cost: 4
Rarity: Rare
Type: Minion
Description: The Assassin stays invisible while not attacking or taking damage. Deals triple damage when he attacks from invisibility.
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Targets: Ground
Health: 130
Attack Speed: 1 Sec.
Damage: 60 (DPS: 60)
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Range: Melee
Radius: {{{radius}}}
Speed: 5
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Healing per second: {{{healingpersecond}}}
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Assassin is one of the Minion cards in Minion Masters.


Assassin's mechanics[edit]

Assassin deals triple damage with attacks from Stealth.

Stealths instantly on spawn.
Stealths instantly after exiting Black Hole.
Re-Stealths after a delay. Stealth delay timer is reset each time it attacks or is attacked.

General stealth mechanics[edit]

Stealthed units are revealed if they attack or take damage or are stunned.
Stealthed units can still be targeted by random effects like Spirit Infusion, Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning.


  • In Update 44 - Double Dragon (13 Sep, 2017) Assassin's damage was increased from 50 to 60.
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