Arcane Missiles

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Arcane Missiles
Mana cost: 0
Rarity: Perk
Faction: Crystal Elf
Type: Spell
Description: Fires 5 arcane missiles in the selected direction. Each missile hits the first enemy in its way and deals 30 damage.
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Arcane Missiles is a perk for Milloween. It is only available to Milloween.


The card is added to Milloween's deck automatically during a match after reaching level 2, as the next available card.

There are 5 missiles. Each missile deals 30 damage, for a total of 150.


  • Arcane Missiles were added to the game along with its master, Milloween, in Update 22 - A mysterious portal! (29 Mar, 2017)
  • In Update 40 - When things change... (9 Aug, 2017) the damage per missile was increased from 30 to 40 (total damage from 150 to 200)
  • In Update 55 - Jingle spells, jingle spells.. (14 Dec, 2017) the damage per missiles was reverted to 30 and mana cost was reduced from 1 to 0.